My campaign has pooled together 7 key questions as to where I stand on policy and specific issues that my neighbors have voiced. As we continue to scale out the campaign, it’s important for everyone to know where I stand and why electing me will be the change our community needs.

What are you going to do about the drag racing?

I will refund the police, including plain clothes units that have been removed by our current city government. These units would be capable of blending into the gathered crowds that appear at these events and arresting drag racers on the spot, thereby deterring further illegal road activities. I will also work to assure that those who have participated in street races are additionally charged with reckless endangerment and face stiffer fines. We need these criminals to face jail time and be taken off our streets.

What are you going to do about the crime in Bay Ridge?

I will refund the police as well as secure additional funding to add even more NYPD officers in order to force back the tide of crime from the emboldened criminal actors in our city. I will also heavily promote and fund efforts to reestablish community policing, which will rebuild trust between our government, our community, and our cops. This will restore morale among the men and women of law enforcement who have faced abusive and incriminating policies from our politicians. It will also create a greater societal pressure against criminals who will face a government, community, and police force who stand together to make our home a better place to live. In addition, I will vehemently oppose and work to reverse the bail reform my opponent has endorsed, which allows criminals to act without consequence.

What are you going to do about the trash?

I will increase funding to clean up our neighborhoods. I will make sure that DSNY has what it needs to pick up trash multiple times a day. I will also fund boots on the ground from organizations that dispatch crews for trash pickup. I will even go a step further and fund, organize, and participate in community cleanup events aimed at clearing up known problem spaces for waste buildup.

What are you going to do to help make the subway runs smoother in Bay Ridge?

I will work vigorously with state lawmakers to bring much needed MTA service back to our community. Our taxes and fares pay to run these lines and this is not acceptable. The MTA is no stranger to budget surpluses and it’s about time some of that excess finds its way to southwest Brooklyn. I will fight to make sure that what are falsely perceived to be unneeded funds are used for our neighborhoods, which have seen a terrible decline in service.

What are you going to do about the 68th not doing their jobs?

I stand strongly by our police and have every bit of confidence in them. I do also understand that with the incriminating policies enacted by our politicians against them and budget cuts they have suffered from these same elected officials, there is unfortunately a consequential loss of morale. This morale can be restored by electing someone to office who has nothing but respect for the NYPD. I will work with the police regularly to lower crime, raise community awareness of their vital job, and establish trusting ties between our community and the officers who lovingly serve it. I will do this by fiercely supporting community policing.

What are you going to do to improve life in Bay Ridge other than these issues?

In addition to my other actions, I will introduce further legislation to crack down on illegal conversions and work with community and agency leaders to ensure strict enforcement of laws against these dangerous building changes. I will also introduce legislation to create the New York City Malfeasance Review Board, a civilian organization with the authority to punish city elected officials who have broken the law. This review board would have authority over City Council Members, Borough Presidents, the Mayor, the Comptroller, and the Public Advocate. Punishments would include the removal of privileges such as parking placards and reductions in pay. This would help to protect citizens from abuses of power such as the rampant speeding committed by my opponent. Further, I am an animal lover and will fight for all New York City animal shelters to be “no kill”.

Why should I vote for you?

In addition to all of the above, a vote for me will be a vote for you. We have been lied to, ignored, and treated miserably by the career politicians in office. They’re in their own club and they neglect the very people who entrusted them with power while backslapping each other. I’m not a politician and I don’t care about power and privilege. I’m a fed up New Yorker like many of you who thinks it’s time for a change.