Act Now: Stop Medical Mandates

This is America — right? Land of the free.

So how are Bill de Blasio and Justin Brannan banning law-abiding citizens from New York City businesses? It’s wrong!

New Yorkers have a right to visit any business they want. We object to Bill de Blasio’s and Justin Brannan’s arbitrary ban on citizens entering the businesses of their choice.

This ban is only about power and punishment. Vaccinated New Yorkers can spread the Covid-19 virus just as easily as unvaccinated New Yorkers. Read the science!

The de Blasio-Brannan ban is crippling small businesses struggling to survive, and turning neighbor against neighbor. It’s an ugly power play by New York’s arrogant political class, and we object to it as New Yorkers and Americans.

Brian Fox is running for City Council in Brooklyn’s 43rd district to stop Justin Brennan from his continued practice of government overreach and protecting criminals at the expense of the Brooklyn taxpayer.


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