Brooklyn, NY – Aug. 17…Brooklyn businessman and City Council candidate Brian Fox (43rd District) today called out incumbent Councilman Justin Brannan for urging the City to develop a new remote learning plan for more than a million New York City schoolchildren. Mr. Fox said that another year of remote learning would do serious harm to young New Yorkers mentally, spiritually, and academically.

“In calling for another year of remote learning, Councilman Brannan is showing just how out of touch he is with both science and New York families eager for some normalcy for their children,” Mr. Fox said. “Remote learning took a serious emotional, academic, and mental-health toll on our children last year, and science and common sense says it makes no sense to bring it back. Mr. Brannan is clearly speaking more with union leaders than he is with parents.”

In a social media post over the weekend, Mr. Brannan wrote:

“…while I appreciate that the Mayor has been focused on getting everyone back to school, in-person, safely, and back to normal, it doesn’t make sense to me that the Mayor would be so adamantly opposed to even considering a remote option for those families that may prefer it.

As my colleague, former high school teacher, and NYC Council Education Chair Mark Treyger has also noted: principals have called to tell me privately that the Department of Education has been conducting tech readiness surveys to prepare for remote instruction presumably in anticipation of a change in plans. I do believe the DOE sees the writing on the wall and is getting prepared to offer a remote option ‘just in case’ even as the Mayor remains inexplicably obstinate on this issue.

Mr. Brannan also supports the City’s punitive ban on unvaccinated New Yorkers from theaters, gyms, restaurants, and other businesses, which Mr. Fox strongly opposes.