Brian Fox is a longtime Brooklyn resident, a small business owner, and an entrepreneur. Throughout the years he has worked hard as an employee to gain the experience necessary to succeed in his industry, he has forged loyal friendships by respecting people of all groups, and he has fought hard to get his business off the ground despite hostile city regulations and taxes.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Brian now wants to dedicate that same tenacity and relentlessness to succeed for his beloved New York City and the place he dearly calls home, District 43.

Brian has a reputation for fighting to overcome major hurdles, something that he will bring to the table to cut through bureaucracy to get the job done. As a member of the City Council, Brian will…

  • Take on issues that most politicians are afraid to face
  • Protect the neighborhoods from illegal home conversions
  • Advocate for local law enforcement, bringing more cops on the beat, keeping our street safe
  • Clean up the streets and bring the quality of life back to the neighborhood
  • Keep drugs away from our kids and keep our neighborhood safe
  • Listen to you and make sure that you have a voice in City Hall.

With your help, we can send someone to City Hall who will not forget who he is fighting for: Brian Fox will big a voice for you.