Brooklyn, NY – Aug. 27…City Councilman Justin Brannan — one of New York City’s chief advocates for defunding the police — is refusing to address a message he recently sent to progressive allies promising that police cuts will go even deeper if he is reelected in November.

In his recent text message obtained by the campaign of Council candidate Brian Fox, Mr. Brannan wrote: “I understand many feel these [police] cuts don’t go far enough but the work doesn’t stop tonight.”

“Councilman Brannan needs to explain to the people of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, and Bath Beach exactly what further cuts he has in mind for the New York City Police Department,” Mr. Fox said. “He’s telling his allies on the hard-left that his work to defund the NYPD ‘doesn’t stop’ while remaining absolutely mum about his plans to South Brooklyn families alarmed by New York City’s ongoing crime wave. These constituents deserve to know exactly what Mr. Brannan meant in the recent text we obtained.”

Mr. Fox, a Bay Ridge businessman, has made restoring NYPD funding, bringing back highly-effective “Broken-Windows” policing, and ending no-cash bail to keep communities safer, central platforms of his candidacy. Mr. Brannan supported ending cash bail and eliminating “Broken-Windows” policing, in addition to voting to drastically cut the NYPD budget.