Creates Arbitrary Punishment of New Yorkers, New York Business Owners

Brooklyn, NY – Aug. 4…Businessman and City Council candidate Brian Fox (43rd District) today called Mayor Bill de Blasio’s and Councilman Justin Brannan’s plan to ban unvaccinated New Yorkers from restaurants and theaters an “illogical and arbitrary punishment” of New Yorkers who wish to remain vaccine free. Mr. Brannan further noted that the de Blasio-Brannan plan would hurt small business owners already struggling to survive.

“This has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with the arrogance of a political class that thinks it can control every aspect of our lives,” Mr. Fox said. “Just look at the science: vaccinated New Yorkers can spread Covid-19, particularly the Delta variant, just as well as unvaccinated New Yorkers can. So, other than to punish, why will unvaccinated New Yorkers be unable to enter businesses, theaters, and gyms while vaccinated people can? It makes no sense.”

Mr. Fox said the de Blasio-Brannan plan would set a dangerous precedent in which City government can decide what private amenities New Yorkers can enjoy based on their adherence to executive order policies that run up against civil liberties. Moreover, he cautioned, the de Blasio-Brannan plan is almost certain to extend beyond restaurants, theaters, and gyms.

“Mark my words: this will start with restaurants, theaters, and gyms and then extend to all indoor businesses. Are Messrs de Blasio and Brannan hell-bent on destroying every city business? It seems so.”