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City Settled with Victim for $850,000


Brooklyn, NY – Oct. 25…A former City Council staff member living with autism, who settled a lawsuit with the City in May for $850,000 following a cruel serial harrassment campaign waged against him while on the job, wants south Brooklyn families to know that incumbent City Council Member Justin Brannan (D-43rd) played a key role in the cruelty exhibited toward him.

In an open letter written  to his Brooklyn neighbors, Michael Bistreich writes: “You deserve to know the truth about incumbent City Council Member Justin Brannan. He’s not a good man.

“Mr. Brannan was part of a serial harassment campaign against me when I worked in the Council. He and others cruelly bullied me at every turn, constantly harassing, abusing, and mocking me because of my autism. Mr. Brannan and others did this to me knowing how much it hurt me. He laughed when I was locked in a dark and dirty basement and stood complacent when a display of mutilated stuffed animals was left on my desk to make fun of my attachment to comfort items. It broke my heart.”

Mr. Bistriech’s two-page mailing to voters is below.