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Brannan Ticketed Again After Being Caught Speeding

16 Times for Speeding in School Safety Zones 

“Mr. Brannan’s Arrogance Behind the Wheel is Breathtaking and Dangerous”: Fox

Brooklyn, NY, Oct. 13…City Council Member Justin Brannan (D-43rd) has been ticketed again — his 61st traffic violation in the past eight years, the campaign of businessman and City Council candidate Brian Fox today revealed. Mr. Brannan was notably caught speeding through Brooklyn school safety zones 16 times. His latest violation was for having a license plate that didn’t match his vehicle registration.

“Mr. Brannan’s arrogance behind the wheel is breathtaking and dangerous,” Mr. Fox said. “Here’s an elected official who’s constantly lecturing constituents about driving safely while continually breaking the law himself. Questions arise from his latest ticket; did he change his license plate after receiving all those summonses? Whatever the issue, he clearly thinks he’s above the law, and no one should be.”

Mr. Fox called on the City Council to sanction Mr. Brannan this summer for speeding in school safety zones 16 times, but the Council ignored the request.

“I guess the elected class takes care of its own,” Mr. Fox said. “Anyone who speeds through school zones, and repeatedly breaks traffic laws, has no business behind the wheel.”